About Us

We develop secure, simple, & smart software solutions for your business and ideas.


Core Software Development

We develop bulletproof software systems that integrate perfectly with your workflows and existing software systems.

Mobile App-Development

We develop native apps for iOS and Android and also cross-platform mobile apps for both. We provide all kinds of specific services, as well as, the all-in-one for everything, starting from the concepts for the app, over the development and integrations, to the submissions to the App- and Play-Stores.


We work with all kinds of shop systems - from Shopify to Shopware, depending on what your business really needs - now and in the future. We set them up, apply custom designs, develop and integrate plugins and your business logic, as well as connect it to other important software solutions within the process chain of your business.

Process automation

We digitalize business processes, automate your repetitive task and make them as effortless and efficient as possible, saving time and money in both: Your business processes and the development process itself.


We consult in the fields of web and app technologies, continues integration and software development processes, clean code concepts and help you through finding the right technology for your needs and ideas.

Technologies we work with

Languages & Frameworks

JavaScript, jQuery, Reactjs, Vue.js, Angular

PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Node.js, Express, Java, SpringBoot

Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter

HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, XML, JSON

Smarty, Twig, Pug, Ejs

C, C++





Tools & Systems

  • REST, GraphQL
  • Git (GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, self-hosted)
  • Composer, npm, yarn, bower
  • Docker
  • CI/CD technologies
  • MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, MongoDB, etc.
  • Unix
  • Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Foundation, Onsen UI, etc.
  • Jetbrains


Freelancer or Team Available

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